If you've ever dreamed of updating or restoring an older boat like a car enthusiast revives a classic '71 Thunderbird, the Yachting Solutions team will follow your lead and bring that vision into reality. Using our resto-mod process, we refurbish the classic lines of vintage vessels while incorporating modern performance features, all to deliver a customized watercraft that speaks to your soul.

A hybrid of restoration and modification, Yachting Solution's resto-mod process preserves your boat's timeless look with modern upgrades to meet today's performance needs. From small lake boats to large motor yachts, we're passionate about the art of boat restoration. We'll work closely with you to create a personalized resto-mod concept and deliver a fully realized remodel you can take pride in.

Whether you want to restore a 60s Boston Whaler, refresh your boat's exterior paint, refurbish your yacht's interior, or get a quick installation of the latest boat mods, give Yachting Solutions a call. Our expert shipwrights, painters, varnishers, and technicians are here to help return your watercraft to its former glory and provide cutting-edge upgrades to enhance all your boating adventures.