Mercury Marine Outboard Motors

With a solid reputation reaching all the way back to 1939, Mercury Marine has proven time and again that quality, durability, and performance are key features for all its engines. From cutting-edge V12 outboards that go the distance to versatile V6 SportJet motors that excel in the shallows, a Mercury outboard motor works and plays just as hard as you do.

Mercury Marine Engines at Yachting Solutions

Yachting Solutions is your authorized, one-stop source for Mercury outboard parts and service. We also offer exclusive mobile dockside services that include sending a trained technician to you when your motor needs repairs. Whether you're looking to optimize your current engine or need a new outboard altogether, our qualified sales and service team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Mercury MerCruiser Motors

The MerCruiser inboard motor is the only gasoline and diesel compatible joystick piloting system available for single-inboard boats. The Cool Fuel Module helps prevent vapor lock, while wideband oxygen sensors help regulate fuel output. Mercruiser inboards offer the versatility and performance you need for all-day, long-distance boating.

Mercury 600 Outboard Motors

Featuring a superior V12 powerhead and innovative two-speed transmission, the Mercury Verado 600 HP engine delivers the torque, acceleration, and performance you need. Also, the Verado's enhanced cowl design keeps sound and vibration contained, making it the quietest outboard motor in its class.

Mercury V12 Outboard Engines

Heavy-duty construction and outstanding maneuverability make the SeaPro 500 HP V12 outboard a customer favorite. An automatic two-speed transmission delivers top-notch acceleration, and electro-hydraulic controls respond to commands without hesitation. Perfect for close-quarters and vast, open waters, V12 Mercury motors keep you in control regardless of the environment.

Mercury Outboard 40 HP Motors

Among the most popular boat engines on the water, 40 HP Mercury outboards offer instant throttle response and enhanced fuel injection for increased mileage. A high-output 18-amp alternator ensures your battery charges quickly and consistently, while each model's lightweight construction offers freedom to maneuver in shallow water where propeller-driven hulls cannot.

Mercury 9.9 Outboards

Ideal for utility and sailboats in all weather, high-thrust 9.9 HP Mercury outboards feature a powerful four-blade propeller with matching gear ratio. In addition, a single overhead cam fuel system provides exceptional torque for rapid acceleration and trolling speeds. Mercury 9.9 engines have the fastest power tilt in their class and can drop into the water within five seconds.

25 HP Mercury Outboard Engines

Impressive power in a small package, Mercury Marine's 25 HP outboards get you to where the fish and fun are, in deep and shallow waters alike. A 15-amp alternator ensures a charged battery for reliable starts, and quick throttle response lets you travel long distances in no time. From utility and fishing to skiing and socializing, 25 HP engines are well-equipped for a variety of boating excursions.

50 HP Mercury Outboard Motors

For low-end torque, enhanced fuel injection, and overall efficiency, 50 HP Mercury outboards deliver. Featuring a 20'' shaft length and weighing under 250 pounds, 50 HP outboards are great for pontoons and fishing boats. An 18-amp high-output alternator keeps the battery charged and fishing electronics going, making this outboard a solid choice for both work and play.

Mercury Marine Outboard Parts and Service

Whether you earn a living on the water or simply enjoy a day out on an open lake, maintaining your outboard motor is essential. Yachting Solutions has a team of certified workers with hands-on factory training ready to address your Mercury Marine parts and service needs. Contact Yachting Solutions today to install, fine-tune, or repair a Mercury engine and put the wind back in your sails.