Safe Haven Advantage

Your Destinations Should Be An Adventure. Your Boatyard Bills Shouldn’t Be.

You’ve made an important lifestyle decision for your family, now it’s time to protect it! Nobody knows your boat better than your dealer.
As a company committed to delivering unsurpassed client service, Yachting Solutions is proud to introduce our exclusive total yacht-care program-Safe Haven Advantage.
This revolutionary program offers complete yacht care for a one-fixed, annual price, customized for your individual needs. The Safe Haven Advantage Program offers all, parts, and labor including hauling, storage, and annual maintenance, but perhaps most importantly, Yachting Solutions will “Certify Pre Own” each and every individual boat stored under our care. Certified Pre-Owned yachts are maintained to the highest standards by Yachting Solutions and tend to command a premium in the resale market. This helps our clients protect their investment and resale value. For buyers interested in pre-owned yachts, the Yachting Solutions Certified Preowned program signifies your asset has been kept to the highest standards with a warranty from Yachting Solutions for the new owner.


• Complete mechanical and engine-bay inspection.
• Outdrives: drop and inspect gimbal bearing, boot and lifting ram seals. Grease universal joint in jackshaft, paint outdrives, inspect and service as above. Inspect bellows and reinstall in spring.
• Torque engine mounts. Check for deteriorated belts and hoses. Check stuffing box or drip-less bearing. Perform & record oil analysis and engine room check.
• Batteries: disconnect, trickle charge periodically over winter and re-conn.
• Water: drain potable and greywater systems. Pump blackwater tank & partially fill w/ non-toxic antifreeze.
• Propeller: Inspect for electrolysis, wear, pitting, tip damage and repair as necessary. Grease shaft splines. Check cutlass bearing for excessive wear. (estimated separately if replacement is needed).
• Inspect throttle and shift cables, replace as needed.
• Service sail drive (if applicable).
• Electronics: check and operate all on-board systems. Sea trialing, align electronics and swing compass.
• Electrical: check bulbs, and components. Apply corrosion protector on open electrical connectors.
• Fuel stabilizer treatment to tanks as applicable.
• Check for service bulletins, recalls and administer warranties.

We only use the manufacturer supplied lubricants and parts to ensure a quality, professional job.


• Move to haul-out facility. Haul out, transport and store at YS.
• Set on blocks and stands.
• Un-step mast/step.
• Launch, rig and tune.


• Treat boat fuel system with manufacturer approved fuel stabilizer.
• Change engine oil and filter.
• Change gear case oil and remove prop to check for fish line.
• Replace water pump impeller (as required).
• Replace zinc anodes.
• Check trim and tilt oil level. Look for leaks.
• Run engine with non-ethanol winter storage gasoline.
• Check all belts and hoses.
• Check charging system for proper operation.
• Check engine by serial number for any service bulletin updates.
• Reset maintenance clock on gauges (if applicable).
• Replace spark plugs as required.
• Check steering system operation.


• Change engine oil.
• Replace oil filter.
• Adjust drive alignment.
• Replace crankcase ventilation filter.
• Replace air filter.
• Check exhaust.
• Check drive belt tension.
• Check compressor oil (if applicable).
• Replace sea water pump impeller.
• Check charge air cooler and replace heat exchanger anodes.
• Replace fuel filter and fuel pre filter.
• Change gear oil annually.
• Change outdrive drive oil.
• Check outdrive exhaust bellows.
• Clean and touch up outdrive paintwork.
• Check exhaust hose and cooling water hoses.
• Check rubber hoses and tighten hose clamps.
• Inspect hydraulic hoses and fittings.
• Check EVC system with diagnostic tool.


• Remove tailpipe and bucket.
• Replace internal and external anodes, including hull zincs.
• Hydraulic pump belt check and adjust, if necessary.
• Bearing and shaft lubrication.
• Inspect bucket ram seals.
• Inspect and report steering controls & linkage; lubricated and adjusted.
• Inspect wear ring & impeller.
• Re-Install removed parts & torque to Hamilton spec.
• Inspect jet inspection port for proper operation.
• Check oil cooler for leaks.
• Check condition of C/V shaft and C/V boots (if applicable).
• Inspect jet housing bonding wires


• Check bellows and clamps.
• Check exhaust manifold and risers.
• Check distributor cap and rotor.
• Replace fuel filter.
• Check fuel system.
• Replace raw water impeller.
• Replace oil.
• Change outdrive oil.
• Replace oil filter.
• Check and lubricate propellers and shafts.
• Replace spark plugs.
• Check spark plug wires and boots for deterioration.
• Lubricate steering system cable.
• Check belt: serpentine.
• Lubricate gimbal bearing.
• Check universal joints.
• Lubricate drive shaft splines


• Power wash bottom, detail and wax. Compound, buff and bottom paint as required.
• Maintain exterior finishes including varnish, Awlgrip and other high quality marine polyurethane finishes and gel coats. Clean bridge deck cushions.
• Shrink-wrap covering, removal and recycle. New YS fender covers, windshield wiper blades, ensign and burgees as necessary.
• Survey dock lines, soak, clean and/or replace.


• Verify life rafts and EPIRB.
• Update flares, weigh and tag fire extinguishers.
• Access to our discounted marine insurance programs and finance