Irvington Maxwell - Lead Detailer

Irvington Maxwell - Lead Detailer

Rockland, ME, US

Irvington was born and raised in Grenada and has been working on boats since he was able to walk. Irvington comes from a large family of 6 brothers, 2 sisters and 2 half-sisters. He is our Lead Boat Detailer and you will find him at our Marina everyday making sure that every aspect of our client's vessels are impeccably clean and exceeds their expectations. 

Irvington met Bill Morong (our CEO) over 20 years ago in Florida and moved to Maine to work with Bill on the yacht, Impatience. Irvington has worked at Yachting Solutions since the day the doors opened and is passionate about his job. He is quick with a story and loves a good laugh. He loves to share his stories of growing up on the island and fishing every day with his brothers and sisters.

When Irvington isn’t at YS you will find him sailing on his boat, Cheetah or cooking a homeland dish with fresh fish and Grenadian spices.