General Summary: Repairs small to medium sized boats by planning fiberglass and paint/gel coat repairs; repairing, replacing, and refinishing wood and fiberglass floors, stringers, bulkheads, transoms, and hulls; maintaining tools and equipment.

The Fiberglass and Gel Coat Technician will willingly fulfill and accept the responsibility for the following: Duties: * Plans repairs by evaluating damage; coordinating repairs with other required services; supplies, equipment, and tools. * Repairs boat hulls and interiors by removing, measuring, fabricating, and re-attaching parts; repairing and replacing stringers, floors, transoms, ski lockers, and hulls using prescribed marine fiberglass techniques; filling cracks and gouges; shaping, filing, grinding, sandblasting, sanding, and fairing surfaces; working with various resins, glass fibers, and fillers; applying appropriate composite repair techniques and tools, including, hand, pneumatic, and power tools, grinder, sander, electric saws, drills, etc. * Refinishes small to large areas of boats by applying gel coat and/or paint; sanding and prep; mixing gel-coat and/or paints; matching colors; spray painting primer and finishing coats; applying bottom coatings. * Maintains quality service by following repair standards; taking pride in work; conducting a final inspection; correcting deficiencies; notifying service manager when problems or unforeseen obstacles arise. * General cosmetic maintenance on boats; cleaning, polishing, waxing. * Will be required to do and assist with light mechanical repairs. * Maintains company equipment by following operating instructions and performing preventive maintenance. * Maintains safe work environment by adhering to work standards and practices.

The success of Yachting Solutions requires a team effort. From time to time employees may be asked to perform reasonable tasks that may be outside of the specifics of their job description. It is our sincere hope that employees willingly accept a reasonable request, as new challenges, and fulfill what is requested of them in the tradition of a true team effort.


  • Marine Fiberglass experience required
  • Gel-coat/Paint application
  • Gel-coat/Paint Matching
  • Basic Woodworking Skills
  • Conceptual Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Fabrication
  • Power Tools
  • Basic Safety
  • Attention to Detail
  • Capacity to work as a member of a team or by oneself to achieve desired results
  • Be able to safely operate a variety of stationary or portable hand and power tools
  • Understand basic AC/DC circuitry
  • Ability to work with computer software
  • Ability to read, write and comprehend work orders
  • Apply logic to troubleshooting electrical, mechanical and renovation problems
  • Ability to climb and be comfortable working on a ladder
  • Work outdoors in all seasons and work safely around water
  • Work well in non-structured entrepreneurial environment
  • Supply own basic hand tools




  • Gel Coat: 3 Years
  • Fiberglass: 4 Years


  • Driver’s License