Tim Biderman - Haul & Launch Driver

Tim Biderman - Haul & Launch Driver

Rockland, ME, US

Tim is the best-dressed employee at Yachting Solutions! You will always see him representing the company in our YS gear and keeping our vehicles looking immaculate.  Tim is our haul and launch driver and is one of the most dedicated guys you will meet.

We bet that Tim could also win a strong man competition if there was one here in Maine.  He can pick up cribbing one handed and it doesn’t faze him in the least.  He is always moving at a fast pace and loves his job and what he does.

Now, don’t let his appearance fool you, he's not all muscle and power, he has a soft spot.  Zander captured his heart this past year and he is a beautiful, strong and playful Rottweiler.  Tim's other passion is FOOD and he is a very talented chef.  Trust us when we say - The man can cook!

"We can do this"