Customer Testimonials

Captain Ken Bracewell - Evviva

Absolutely amazing service department. Mike Dodge gave great advice, completely tuned and replaced everything necessary on my E-Tec and replaced the entire steering system all on short notice and got me out in time to go on my fishing trip! Highly recommend Mike and the crew anytime!

Larry Darby

Please let Mike know how much I appreciated his and your companies help in getting my new motor installed in a very tight time frame... excellent job, looks and runs great... you guys have a new satisfied customer.

M. Digiovanni

Everyone I have dealt with has been outstanding.  The professionalism of the staff is rare to see in this day and age.  It is clear to me that this company truly cares about its customers.  I recommend Yachting Solutions to all my mates.  Cheers!

Russ B.

Bob Wellin has been a wonderful and congenital captain for us this year and we appreciated all of his good humor and hard work. Thank you again for all the wonderful service you provide for us each summer.

Betsy A.

Chris does a great job making everything work well. He is very professional, personable, fair, and responsive. He is an excellent source of information about what needs to and should be done. Kurt has been great over the years helping us upgrade and maintain our boat. Paul has provided fine craftsmanship. All the employees seem great, It is a pleasure to work with the entire team. Loric subcontracting has been an excellent addition to provide rigging expertise. It is good to know that all the work that is done is done professionally in a high quality and dependable manner.

Unknown On-line Survey Submission

We have had a great experience with YS, the crew there has gone above and beyond what you may expect from any other yacht yard. Their attention to detail and desire to "make it right" is unmatched. Last summer we had some issues on our older sailboat after delivery. Frustrated, I called Chris to see what could be done. I didn't have high hopes as it was mid-summer on the Cape and we were over 200 miles away. Kurt, a tech who knew our boat well arrived the next day and did whatever it took to get the systems up and running, including visiting local yards to obtain parts and spending the night, not leaving until it was reliably repaired. I've been boating my whole life and I've never known service like this.

Unknown On-line Survey Submission

I believe that the example set by the owners of this company of immediate responsiveness and availability to customers, positive attitude of helpfulness and service and focus on important details and customer concerns lead the entire company service team to perform at the highest level.

Unknown On-line Survey Submission

Having used several prior boating companies, I couldn't be happier with Yachting Solutions and their many services. In my opinion, they are definitely the best in midcoast Maine!!

Unknown On-line Survey Submission

I can't say enough good things about this marina and its' Dockmaster Molly. Has to be the nicest place in Rockland. A pretty harbor walk to town with lots to do. Art and food!! Courtesy car is great. Five star all the way.

Fred Ezra, Annapolis, MD